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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What a Ride!

WOW!  What an AMAZING ride it has been!  A very short three-and-a-half months ago I ventured into the unknown to start my very own cake decorating business.  It was with a LOT of support from family, friends, and a dash of fear, that I began selling my cake creations.  In that short three-and-a-half months I have received rave reviews from clients and fans alike.  The responses I have received have been both uplifting and reassuring that there are people in this world who appreciate you and your hard work.  

Although I have loved the compliments from so many local clients and fans, it wasn't until I received an email this morning that one of my cake creations had been selected to appear on the cover of Cake Centrals (global) Newsletter, that I nearly jumped out of my skin! Cake Central is a company that publishes a worldwide cake decorating magazine for those who appreciate these magnificent works of sugar art!  If I had the words to describe the feeling that swept over me this morning, it would be elated to the 100th power times ten!!  

The following BEAUTIFUL CAKE pictures are from Cake Centrals world renowned magazine and courtesy of

Five days ago I happened to get up the nerve to submit several of my cake photos to this website (Cake Centrals website is one that promotes other cake designer's to critique your work).  Imagine how nervous I was considering I am so new to this industry!  One of the cakes I submitted was my Fall Themed Birthday Cake.  Having my cake photo moved to the "most saved" category the very day I submitted it was a complete surprise!.....but NOTHING compared to actually seeing it on the front of the magazines newsletter!!!

The cover of the Newsletter and my cake in the bottom right hand corner!
Newsletter courtesy of Cake Central

Larger view of my Fall Cake selected by Cake Central

It is now that I know without a doubt that I am doing what I was always meant to bring smiles and joy to others through food and art combined with love and affection.  This is the beginning of something special and I cannot wait to see where this road takes me! 

"So often,
we believe that we have come to a place
that is void of hope and void of possibilities,
only to find that it is the very hopelessness
that allows us to hit bottom,
give up our illusion of control,
turn it over, and ask for help.
Out of the ashes of our hopelessness
comes the fire of our hope."

~Anne Wilson Shaef

This quote is dedicated to all of those who believed in me and were there to lift me up when so many tried to tear me down.  I love you all and will never forget the strength you gave to me to follow my dreams and to believe in myself!  You are the Angels sent to me to give me wings so I can fly.

       With All My LOVE,


  1. Angela, you are so talented and you have such a sweet soul. I love the way you give all the glory to God for your talent. I am sure you will go far. Best Wishes and Congratulations!!!


  2. Thank you so much Mary! It is because God has graced me that I am doing what I love today. Glory to Him in the highest!


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