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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Baby Giraffe for Caleb's 1st Birthday!

Me with the Birthday Boy!


This week is a very special one.  It is Caleb's 1st birthday!!!  This little man has been through a lot in his little life and has come through all the trials and tribulations happy and bouncing with energy!  The bouncing with energy is truly an understatement!  What could I possibly make for this special birthday boy??  A giraffe cake of course.  The concept was inspired by Caleb's mom, who LOVES giraffes!  She wanted something sweet and whimsical that incorporated touches of "boy" with safari elements.  The showpiece had to be the baby giraffe on top!  It was modeled after the TY beanie baby giraffe and I must admit that I think it turned out absolutely precious!!  The cutest reaction to any cake was by this little guy.....he could not stop reaching for the giraffe!  I believe he thought it was a toy and could not understand why he was not allowed to play with it!!  Congratulations baby Caleb on turning one and may you continue to be blessed throughout your life!

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