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The primary mission of this website is to showcase my cake creations and cupcake designs. Make sure to follow us on "Couture Cakes by Angela" and like our facebook page and don't forget to view the photo galleries!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A New Twist on a Seasonal Favorite!

This time of year evokes warmth, family, good food, and just being with those you love.  There is nothing better on a cool, crisp fall day then warm apple pie.....well, except perhaps warm apple pie in the form of a cupcake!   This recipe is a new one for Couture Cakes.  We put together all the wonderful treats of this season and have created a masterpiece.  The cake is infused with apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg to name a few.  Next, apple slices, caramel, and brown sugar streusel is added in the center of each little cake.  To top it off we added a vanilla/cream cheese frosting dusted lightly with more cinnamon.  An absolutely divine treat of Warm, Bubbly, GOODNESS! 

I brought these with me to work to be served after everyone ate a scrumptious, hot bowl of chili.....another HUGE hit!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Transformation of a Dragon

Let the transformation begin!

It all started with a lump of rice krispy treats carved in the basic shape of a serpent head. 

Then it is covered with frosting and fondant...

....and proped open with toothpicks to dry.

More fondant is added and sculpted to form the top of the head.

Layers and layers of fondant detail are added to the is nearing completion!

Scrolls, swirls, flames, and more teeth are added while wire holds the flames from the nostrils upright until dry.

It is now ready to paint!

The face of the dragon after it is painted with edible gel stains and gold.

To view pictures of the finished cake and read the inspiration behind it, visit the previous blog entry, "A Festive Dragon for Sadie."

A Festive Dragon for Sadie

All children are special, but this little girl holds a special place in my heart.  I have had the pleasure of knowing an extraordinary family who extended their hearts and home to adopt a beautiful little girl from China named Sadie.  I first met Sadie when she was two years old and called me by Mrs. Lemon because Mrs. Letterman was a mouthful!!  A precious memory I treasure!  When I was asked to make a cake for this special young lady I could not have been more thrilled!  I was told above anything, Sadie loved Dragons!  My mind went wild because I too, LOVE dragons!  I wanted to create something magical but also something reminiscent of her heritage.  It had to incorporate her favorite colors, teal and purple but also pretty pink cherry blossoms for a sweet little girl.  

The dragon was inspired by the dragon parades in China, with the colorful, and extremely ornamental face to the long, lean body covered in teal scales and gold accents.  The top tier of this cake was decorated with four Chinese characters representing Happiness, Good Fortune, Love, and Longevity.  The crown jewels that top this one-of-a-kind creation is a cluster of delicate cherry blossoms and three golden reeds of bamboo.  In Chinese culture the dragon represents power, strength, and good luck.  The dragon encircles the cake as if he is protecting this cake and this special little girl with all the power and strength that these magical creatures possess.  This cake was a labor of love and one I would do again in a heart-beat for such an amazing family!  Happy 7th Birthday Sadie! 

I would like to include an extra special thank you to my mother who hand rolled and cut each scale for this amazing dragon cake.  If it were not for your help this cake would not have been as beautiful!!  THANKS MOM!

    "Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still."

                                                                    ~ Chinese Proverb

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Despicable Me Cake for Lydia

Lydia with her Birthday Cake!!

I had the pleasure of designing a cake to fit the theme of the movie Despicable Me for Lydia's 8th birthday.  The movie is about a villian, Gru, who's mission is to steal the moon.  In order to do this he needs the help of three sweet little orphan girls.  Along the way, Gru discovers the love of these three little girls, who adopt him as their dad, and transform him from SuperBAD to SuperDAD!  There were so many sweet elements from the movie that I would have loved to add, but couldn't possibly choose them all!  What we did include is the main theme of the movie, Gru stealing the moon.  Gru is sitting on top of the moon while ordering his minions to steal it surrounded by the city at night.  To add Lydia's favorite element, the stuffed unicorn that Gru won for the little orphan girls, we wrapped it sweetly in a bow with the ribbon surrounding the perimeter of the cake.   This cake is a special gift for a very special little girl.  Happy 8th Birthday Lydia!!

                    One of the Many Memorable Lines from the Movie.....

             Gru: We stole the Statue of Liberty...! (the minions cheer)
             Gru: ...the small one, from Las Vegas! (the cheers stop)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome Fall!

How do we welcome fall here at Couture Cakes?  With a beautiful, fall themed birthday cake of course!  This cake was inspired by the rich colors of the season, gorgeous pumpkins, and everything wonderfully created by mother nature.  The lady receiving this cake is as special as the cake is.  She lives among the most beautiful forest, surrounded at all times by the wonders of nature.  Oh, and who can forget the amazingly tranquil pond steps away from her back door!?  I hope that this cake creation brings as much joy and happiness to her as she has to so many others.  A treat to the eyes and taste buds, this cake and everything on it is completely edible.  A french vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, fondant accents of leaves, pearls, and acorns, and to add the finishing touch......branches made of rich, milk chocolate!  Happy 42nd Birthday to someone who brings spectacular color into the lives of those who know her just like the many colors of this bountiful season!

           "Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower."

                                                                 ~Albert Camus

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chocolate, on Chocolate, on German CHOCOLATE!

Who said you couldn't customize cupcakes?!  Well, we do at Couture Cakes.  These cupcakes were a special delivery, customized for the client.  What are they?  German chocolate cake filled with a fluffy, chocolate mousse, topped with coconut/pecan filling, and chocolate frosting.  To add the finishing touch, we drizzled them with melted chocolate.  YUMMMMMM!  A dream come true for chocolate lovers everywhere! 

               "Forget love - I'd rather fall in chocolate!"

                                                             ~Sandra J. Dykes

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