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The primary mission of this website is to showcase my cake creations and cupcake designs. Make sure to follow us on "Couture Cakes by Angela" and like our facebook page and don't forget to view the photo galleries!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Black and White Wedding Cakes

Flower and Butterfly Scrolls with Filagree
Fondant Flower with Elegant Piping
Elegant Scrolls with Candy Pearls

Nothing is more elegant then the understated pairing of black and white.  Inspired by my own wedding in black and white, I designed these wedding cakes to be both classic and modern.  These individual cakes can be displayed together on a beautiful cake stand or placed as a single serving at each guest's table setting.  The cake is banana with a banana cream filling and fondant icing....although any flavor would be delightful.  If a romantic, classic, and beyond elegant wedding experience is what you are dreaming of, these cakes are perfect for you!

Tropical Sensations!

Strawberry Daiquiri
Blue Hawaiian

What is summer without something tropical?  Strawberry, lime, and coconut-rum cake......words simply cannot describe how DE-LISH!  These cupcakes will take you on a relaxing trip to a resort in the Caribbean or to the excitement of the Hawaiian Islands where you can sail away with the flavors of a Margarita, Blue Hawaiian, or Strawberry Daiquiri.  All cupcakes can be made with or without alcohol.  I la maika'i nou!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ultimate Banana Split Sundae!

Pineapple Sundae
Caramel Sundae
Strawberry Sundae                                                                                          Fudge Sundae

These DELICIOUS treats are both vibrant to look at and the possibilities for flavor combinations are endless!  The cake is made with fresh bananas and topped with a marshmallow cream icing.  It is at this point that you are limited only by your imagination!  We have topped our sundae's off with the traditional favorites, but you could add any flavor topping to make it extra special!  These would make a delightful treat at a birthday party or children's event!!  Happy Eating!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A New Challenge to Conquer!

I am always up for a challenge and now I have a new one!  Besides just starting my very own business (as if that is not enough!) I want to make sugar creations that set my cake designs apart from all the rest.  How do I go about doing that?  ...simple, do something that no one else is doing!  So here goes....I am going to learn how to pull sugar!  My goal?... to be able to make flowers from pulled sugar that look like molded glass!  How fabulous would that be!?  I have a vision in my head of wedding cakes with fragile "glass" flowers all over that are completely edible!  If I have any that turn out decent I will post them.  Let the experimentation begin!!!  The pictures are NOT my creations, but they are what I am aspiring to do.  Wish me luck!! :) 

WOW!  Added the fish pulled sugar creation because it is STUNNINGLY beautiful! When I become good enough to make something this beautiful, I will be ready for T.V.!!  Watch out!  :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Elegant White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

These extraordinary creations are as delicious as they are beautiful! The elegant french vanilla cupcakes have a made-from-scratch raspberry curd filling and are covered in a white chocolate ganache. A delicate fondant flower adds the perfect finishing touch. Simple yet stunning!

Decadent German Chocolate Cupcakes!

Devilishly good and ohhhhhhhhhh, can I say to "die" for! These will certainly keep you coming back for more!

Loaded Rocky Road!

Need I say more? ....okay you talked me into it! A decadent, chocolate ganache covered in white chocolate crumbles, marshmellows, and almond slivers with a marshmellow cream filling! Something this good should be a crime!

Chocolate Mint Delight

A rich, dark chocolate cupcake with the smooth, cool flavor of mint icing. Ahhhhh, bliss!

Sparkling Pink Lemonade!

A wonderfully light, pink lemonade flavored cupcake with a simply divine, "barely there" light lemon frosting. A summer treat your taste buds will thank you for over and over again!!

An American Classic....Root Beer Float!

YES! You read that correctly! This exquisite creation will take you back to your childhood, sitting with friends on a hot summer day drinking an ice cold root beer float! The root beer flavored cupcake is topped with a light, frothy cream frosting that is sure to envoke memories of the frothy icecream on the top of your favorite root beer float. Serve with vanilla icecream for an amazing summer treat! A "new" classic you simply should not wait to try!

Cool Lemon DREAM!

Unbelievable!!! This unique creation is NOTHING like you have ever tasted. If you have never experienced a lemon meringue pie in the form of a cupcake now is your chance! A dense lemon cake with lemon curd filling gives this cupcake the texture and flavor of a freshly made lemon meringue pie. You will fall in love with the first bite!

Refreshing Key Lime Surprise!

These gorgeous key lime cupcakes will make your taste buds sing with the refreshing taste of lime curd filling in a lime flavored cupcake! Balancing the tart of the lime is the sweet sensation of the vanilla frosting. You will not be disappointed when you dive into one of these delicious treats!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blue and White Butterfly Cupcake Designs

A few pictures of some white chocolate butterflies and french vanilla cupcakes. Enjoy!!

Baptism Reception Cake Table

I wanted to include pictures of the display for the baptism dessert table. I love the combination of a beautifully decorated cake with coordinating cupcakes. Towers of cupcakes make a stunning addition to the main focal cake!

And so it begins!

I have always enjoyed art whether that is drawing, painting, working with jewelry or clay and I am now venturing into the artistic side of the sugar world! I will be updating this blog site as I make new creations and talk about what inspired those beautiful and whimsical cakes! Encouraged by family, friends, and complete strangers I have decided to take the plunge and sell my creations!! This business venture begins with the baptism cake designed for a special miracle baby. All elements of this cake were hand made out of rolled fondant and then meticulously painted with edible powders and gels. The blue and white color scheme incorporates both "purity" and "baby boy" in an elegant and whimsical interpretation of what a baptism represents. The dove symbolizes the Spirit of God who watched over this precious baby at birth when he nearly died. The white rose is a symbol of the virgin mother Mary and the butterflies represent "transformation or rebirth" which is exactly what a baptism is, a new "birth" in Christ. The verse on the bible cake was provided by this little boy's mother and reads, "Every Precious Gift is from Above and sent down from the Father" ~ James 1:7.....a perfect addition to this special cake! I hope you enjoy the pictures of these beautiful cakes and are inspired by them for your own special occasion!
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