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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Little Apology

Well I have to apologize for an earlier promise, made on a previous blog post, that I will unfortunately not be able to keep.  I desperately wanted to share pictures of the wedding cake I just completed for "The Wedding Cake of the Year" competition and according to competition rules, I am unable to do so.  I will just give you a little sneak peek of me working away on making flowers and pearls for this elaborate creation. 

studying the cake, getting ready to make fondant pearls

hand cutting all 1000 pearls....time consuming but the effect is stunning!

forming each tiny accent flower for the cake

A flower is taking shape

It turned out stunning.....literally blew the vision in my mind out of the water!  (sorry....not trying to toot my own horn....just shocked that it actually came together as easily as it did without any major catastrophe's!)  The competition will be judged in mid-May 2011 and as soon as the winners are announced I will be able to share the pictures with everyone!  

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