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Monday, November 1, 2010

Relay for Life Cancer Event!

The "Crew"
From Left to Right (Austen, Cydney, Debbie (mom), Me, Doug (dad), and Staci)

The "Tree of Life"
(rock base = cake, tree = chocolate!)

Close-up of the hand painted rocks, moss, and mushrooms.

Serving the cake to the Relay for Life participants!!

A slice of cake.....french vanilla, double chocolate, with cookies and cream filling, YUM!

The leaves......representing those fighting cancer, cancer free, or in memory of.

 No words needed.

The top tier of the cake has now been consumed.....looking like a floating tree!

My mom (an exceptional baker) and I!

Relay members checking out the cake and hanging leaves on the tree to support those with cancer.

The sweetest little frog EVER enjoying a cupcake!

Double chocolate mousse cupcakes with shaved, dark chocolate as a garnish!

White chocolate ganache, raspberry cupcakes!

Apple Streusel cupcakes with pecans.

I had the pleasure of designing a cake for the Halloween Costume Relay for Life event this past weekend.  I thought long and hard about what it means to fight cancer and ultimately survive cancer and came up with the design.  It would be called, "The Tree of Life."  This tree had to be one that overcame all odds of survival and literally "came to life" with the names of individuals who have battled this awful disease.  The huge rocky boulder, void of any life giving qualities was the main body of this cake.  I surrounded it with rocks, mushrooms, and moss and as it turned out, eerily missed anything life giving and beautiful.  Yet out of this God forsaken boulder grew a large, beautiful tree full of life, transforming before our very eyes......a miracle!  As more names of cancer survivors and cancer fighters filled the tree with leaves, this tree literally became a "living" representation of life and hope.   Hope that out of dispair, uncertainty, and challenge comes life, miracles, and peace.  This was a moving experience for me to be a part of and one that I will always remember as a highlight in my cake decorating career!

                     "Once you choose hope, anything's possible."
                                                                      ~ Christopher Reeves


  1. This was an amazing EDIBLE tribute! Thank you so much for sharing your touching creation with us! What a great way to remember those who have fought or are currently fighting cancer. I can't express enough how awesome this cake was! Not only in gesture and in looks, but also in taste....I tried every cupcake and the cake! I loved the oreo filling inside the cake layers. You don't forget any details. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!


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