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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Eradicating Poverty One Bead (and Cake) at a Time

African Tribal Mask Cake

African Mask cake with hand-made beads from Uganda
Supporting Bead for Life

Fondant African Tribal Mask

Close-up of African Tribal Mask with Bead Necklace all made of Fondant

Hand-Made Beads from Recycled Magazines
Made by Women in Uganda

Helping Eradicate Poverty in Uganda One Bead at a Time

This week I had an opportunity to attend a bead party that was sponsored by Bead For Life.  This organization was created for women in poverty stricken Uganda to have a means of supporting themselves and their families financially.  In a place where each day can present the dilemma of choosing between food or medicine for you or your children, these women now have a way to earn an income that will take away having to make that choice.  

When making a cake for this special event, I wanted to represent the continent of Africa and add touches that were indicative of Uganda, where these courageous women are from.  The overall design of the cake was inspired by African fabric.  I researched prints that are commonly used in fabric designs and then created a cake inspired by those bold prints. 

The women behind the beads
Photo Curtesy of Nupur Arora (New York)

To set off the top of the cake I knew I wanted a replica of an African Mask.  I again researched African masks and then used what I found to inspire my own "spin" on the traditional tribal mask.  The mask itself had to have feminine touches, which is why you will see that I added large earrings to this mask.  I also wanted to add a glorious beaded necklace surrounding the mask to incorporate the theme of this party, Beads for Life.  The colors of the necklace were taken from the colors of the Uganda National Flag providing a link to the home country of the women who make these beautiful beaded creations.

To Learn More about this organization, please visit:

...and help make a difference!

  "Wars against nations are fought to change maps; wars against poverty are fought to map change."                                                 ~ Muhammad Ali


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