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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Transformation of a Dragon

Let the transformation begin!

It all started with a lump of rice krispy treats carved in the basic shape of a serpent head. 

Then it is covered with frosting and fondant...

....and proped open with toothpicks to dry.

More fondant is added and sculpted to form the top of the head.

Layers and layers of fondant detail are added to the is nearing completion!

Scrolls, swirls, flames, and more teeth are added while wire holds the flames from the nostrils upright until dry.

It is now ready to paint!

The face of the dragon after it is painted with edible gel stains and gold.

To view pictures of the finished cake and read the inspiration behind it, visit the previous blog entry, "A Festive Dragon for Sadie."

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