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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thomas and Friends!

The Birthday Boy Brett and I!

I had the pleasure of meeting a very sweet little boy who was just about to turn three!  He, and this is an understatement, is in LOVE with anything Thomas!!  What would make his birthday absolutely perfect???....a Thomas the Train cake of course!  This cake had to look like a scene out of a Thomas movie, as if we reached into the television and pulled out Thomas and his Friends and placed it on a display board just for sweet, little Brett.  There are so many things to look at on this cake and it just flows from one scene to the next seamlessly.  Starting with the tunnel in the mountain, crossing the bridge over the river, to the rolling hills dotted with trees, climbing to the top of the rocky mountain, seeing Harold flying in the sky pulling the birthday banner behind him, and back again to the beginning.  The look on Brett's face when he saw his birthday cake for the first time melted my heart.  I believe that I captured Thomas and his Friends beautifully since I received such a delightful reaction from a boy who is truly an expert on anything Thomas!!  Happy wonderful third birthday to an amazing little boy!!!


  1. I wanted to share an email sent to me by the mother of Brett. It was simply too sweet not to publish!!

    Hey Angie, just wanted to tell you how it went..., When asking Brett what part of his party was his favorite, he said, " Eating cake ! " The cake, like I thought, was the centerpiece of the whole day! We had 40 people taking pictures of it - from EVERY angle. We had everyone gathered around the cake for the Happy Birthday song & blowing out the candles I HATED putting into it! Ha!
    I will spray the trains tonight, I kept them. Brett wanted to eat Harold, so I let him. He ate the first half of the helicopter & was jumping off the walls! Ha! I didnt get to try the smores cake, but the first group to eat it, loved it! I had the banana one & it was AWESOME!! I'll tell you though, the ADULTS favorite was the cupcakes! WOW, those were AWESOME! Of course I HAD to eat one after everyone marveled so much about them! They were worth the calories!
    I always believed in details making the difference & I'll tell you, that cake tied everything together! I know it took your weekend & so I want you to know that you made one little boy feel VERY SPECIAL on his birthday & that made his Mom & Dad very proud! THANK YOU for that! It was everything I thought it would be & more & now when you're famous, I can say we had one of your first cakes! YEAH!! Keep up the great work! THANK YOU a million times over, Vickie

  2. Angela-I am honored I got to see the cake! It was the most AMAZING cake I have ever seen! You are the most talented cake decorator I know!!!:O) Julie


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